We have a thousand's of Reseller

After months past by we simply manage to make more and more interesting idea

How to make a better internet connectivity and help people who need internet with a low price .

Our main goal here is to help each other trust each other and make a community who help each other .

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Reseller are so aggressive on sales while sub admin support the needs.

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About Trinity VPN

Trinity VPN Free To Paid VPN

At first Trinity vpn name is Penta VPN Composed of 5 people. days and months come, others have their own way of making vpn and others have no time for vpn. after pentavpn is done, we decide to make a new one and named it trinityvpn trinity meaning 3 person, we build a website or panel make script for servers, and borrow android app, months pass by just from free vpn we decide to make it worth of a living, so became paid vpn in a less price to others not just less but the price is like a give away. and till now we operate trinity vpn more and more people are coming, by the way one of the original in trinity vpn has already left.

Server Price

Contact your Sub admin or Reseller to avail our product.

Server Price 30 Days | No Price Change
Good for 30 days
  • Without PH : PHP 80 No Price Change   
  • With PH 30 days : PHP 100 No Price Change   
    Server Price 60 Days | No Price Change
    Good for 60 days
  • Without PH : PHP 150 No Price Change   
  • With PH 30 days : PHP 170 No Price Change   
    Server Price 90 Days | No Price Change
    Good for 90 days
  • Without PH : PHP 210 No Price Change   
  • With PH 30 days : PHP 230 No Price Change